Estabrook Dog Park, located at 4499
Estabrook PKWY Milwaukee, WI 53212,
is smaller than the average dog park
but is still a great convenience to the
residence of the that area.  Estabrook
dog park is nestled within the much
larger Milwaukee County Estabrook
Park between Capitol and Hampton
with access from either of those main
thoroughfares.  I quite liked this cozy
dog park with it’s friendly people and
wide variety of surrounding sports
areas including soccer, baseball,
bicycling, fishing, jogging ect…  
Estabrook park was designed to
accommodate a large number of
outdoor activities all within the
confines of a busy metropolis.  One
complaint I overheard from a few
people at the dog park was the noise
coming from a primitive skate board
park constructed on the remains of a      CLICK HERE FOR PICS OF THE
tennis court that is immediately                   PAYMENT ENVELOPE
adjacent to Estabrook Dog Park.  
Click here for a quick video of that         CLICK HERE FOR PARK NOTICES
area.  The skate board area produces
a constant clattering and laughter from children that can distract the nervous
dog and dog owner alike.  However, after witnessing the healthy outdoor
exercise and obvious camaraderie that the children were enjoying, I believe
that the added noise (added to the constant barking that the skate boarders
must be enduring) is a small price to pay for the knowledge that Estabrook
Dog Park is part and parcel of a much larger and very effective recreational
machine for Milwaukee’s privileged (such as I) citizens.
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